le goyavier

research description

On this island, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the sunlight is an omnipresent matter, either soothing or burning depending on the hour of the day. The tropical Reunionese landscape is scattered with structures built to grant shade to passers-by and welcome their outdoor activities. Among these structures, the traditional “kiosks” are specially designed for pic-nic afternoons and can be found all over the island. With more than 350 pic-nic areas, the kiosk is a staple of the local architecture.  
This research explores the possible interplay of light and shadow in the public space, with emblematic structures like the kiosk, and local resources. The guava wood was specifically studied for this project. This local tree is considered invasive on the island. It makes a great outdoor material thanks to it rot-proof and flexible properties.

photo collages:             Madeleine Oltra

collaboration with:      Atelier de l’Entre Deux, wood workshop and atelier at la Réunion
                                            REU-site, project holder from la Réunion