faire forêt

video still from the documentary "Faire Forêt", 2020

research description

In this documentary, the camera follows a group of people in Corrèze, a region located in the South West of France where the wood industry is very powerful. It is an investigation around the political acts of living in a rural area, where the landscape has become a consumable product. The blurred definition of the word «forest» enables misinformation and abuses. Until now, a tree monoculture in France would be considered a forest, not an agricultural land. Not only does it manipulate our perspective about national geography, but it also ignores the core biodiversity a natural environment provides.Through their association «faîte et racines», the inhabitants of these green territories attempt to redefine the words and the landscape so as to reappropriate and shape a common heritage.
(the images were shot in December 2019)

photo credits:       Romain Laval

filming crew:         director                                      Madeleine Oltra
                                   cameraman                              Nicolas Lefrère
                                   sound operator                       Angelo de Taisne
                                   photography & camera      Romain Laval

post production: video editing                             Madeleine Oltra
                                   sound mixing                           Gianlucca Kegelart Baccaro

special thanks:     all members of Faîte et Racines association, and in particular Marion, Sylvain,  Antoine, Alexandre, Laurent.
                                    the incredible team who helped me film this documentary: Nicolas Lefrère, Angelo de Taisne, Romain Laval

video still from the documentary "Faire Forêt", 2020